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    TY288 Medium plush double needle bar raschel machine

    Upload time:2015-09-14Reading times:timesEditor:Tianyuan Machine

    After cutting and finishing the fabric can be formed medium Plush which height is 5-25mm, its plush is fullness, soft, wool yarn into a circle and not easily detached from the base fabric. The machine is widely used in plush toys, fur coat, plush carpets, blankets and other products, such as flano, coral velvet, Kirin cashmere, circle fleece, PV velvet, simulation fur.
    All oil-immersed cam mechanism, to reduce wear and the cam is durable. Opt to use electronic yarn let-off, electronic take-up, so that the yarn let-off is more stable.
     Needle type
     Latch needle
     E16, E18, E22
     Working width
     90", 100", 110", 138"
     Guide bar number
     Double pile height
     10-50 mm
     Main drive
     Oil-immersed cam
     700 rpm
     Pattern drive
     N-pattern drive, chain link or pattern disk(Optional: Electronic control)
     Yarn let-off device
     Two-roller active yarn let-off(Optional: Electronic yarn let-off)
     Fabric take-up
     Take-up driven by change gears(Optional: Electronic take-up)
     Batching device
     Independent batching device
     Main motor power
     2.2 kw(90", 100", 110")   3 kw (138")


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