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    The structure and principle of editing of warp knitting mach

    Upload time:2015-07-30Reading times:timesEditor:Tianyuan Machine
    Main knitting needle, warp knitting machine with yarn guide needle, sinker and plate (for crochet machine). The needle column mounted on the needle bed, moving with a needle. The yarn guide needle is arranged in the plate composed of comb. Warp through the yarn guide needle holes and moves together with the comb and around the pads on the needle, needle, sinker into mechanical mutually coordinated movement and woven into fabric by.
    Warp knitting machine is mainly composed of a weaving mechanism, shogging mechanism, warp mechanism, traction winding mechanism and a transmission mechanism. The weaving mechanism comprises a needle, comb, sinker and bed plate, generally by the cam or eccentric rod. The cam used in low speed, a warp knitting machine mechanical motion law of the more complex. Eccentric connecting rod as the transmission is stable, processing is simple, wear and low noise when running in high speed and in high speed warp knitting machine get widely used. Secondly, comb comb swaying mechanism, the comb in a circle in the process in accordance with the requirements of weft knitted fabric traversing, warp pad on the needle to woven fabric having a certain organizational structure. Usually there are two kinds of flowers and cams. Flower board through certain shape and size of the flower plate according to the requirements of weft knitted fabric connect to flower plate chain, the comb comb swaying, applicable to weave pattern more complex organization and pattern transformation is more convenient. In the cam mechanism cam is according to the weft knitted fabric desired shogging of, drive more stable, can adapt to the high weaving speed. The warp mechanism, the warp warp back off, into the knitting area. Have two kinds of negative and positive. Beam in negative type mechanism for warp tension pulling and sending warp, do not need to specifically warp beam driving device, applicable to the machine speed is low, sent by the laws of more complex warp knitting machine. Positive feed by institutions by transmission device specialized beam rotary sent warp and tension induction type and line speed inductive. The tension of the inductive mechanism to control beam through the tension rod induction of warp tension size speed. Line speed inductive mechanism to control beam through the speed measuring device induction velocity of warp speed. This kind of mechanism in a predetermined speed line sent warp, can work stably in the condition of high-speed operation, so in high speed warp knitting machine is widely used. The drawing and winding mechanism at a predetermined speed from the fabric woven into cloth winding and the traction roll.
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