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    How to see tricot and raschel machine

    Upload time:2015-07-30Reading times:timesEditor:Tianyuan Machine
    How to see tricot and raschel machine
    At the beginning of the dry line warp, often confusing models. Numerous machines that are not the same and have long had to be placed in the workshop, how to distinguish them? The following describes how a Tricot and Raschel models.
    See the cloth point.
    From the perspective of fabric, tricot machine, needle and fabric was 90 degrees, and RSE angle is larger than that of the 120 degrees (behind the spandex comb, even greater than 180 degrees).
    Look at the head:
    There is a way, all the way from can immediately distinguish two kinds of equipment.
    Tricot equipment, pan head in the machine above and behind, and Raschel equipment especially high speed machine lace machine, pan head on top of the machine.
    Listen to the sound:
    From the sound can also be very easy to distinguish between different models. Raschel the sound of the high-speed machine is really scary, and although the Tricot model is also large, but compared to the calculation is very gentle.
    Every time the Raschel machine is open, I will hide away......
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