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    Textile enterprises to develop new opportunities

    Upload time:2016-05-03Reading times:timesEditor:Tianyuan Machine
    Lithuania is due to the traditional European textile and garment producing countries, after the accession to the European Union, its current main textile and garment export market is in the four Nordic countries and Germany and the United Kingdom, so there is a great deal of professional audience come from the country to the exhibition site for enterprise production orders, which for the Chinese exhibitors is a good opportunity.
    At present, China's textile and garment export situation is still grim. Customs recently announced the latest import and export of China's textile and apparel data. Statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, China's textile and apparel exports of U.S. dollars, down 5.2%. In order to deal with the export decline in the situation, the textile enterprises Duocuobingju, some efforts to improve product quality and grade, some actively improve production efficiency, to further enhance the product's price, some improve the rapid response capability, to adapt to the needs of consumers. In order to help the enterprise development potential of the new market space, the Ministry of Commerce decided organization 100 domestic textile and garment enterprises in the exhibition in the exhibition and China's textile and garment (Europe) brand exhibition form in September 29 to October 1, held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania National Exhibition Centre in the Baltic Sea International Textiles and clothing show. Exhibition organizers recently in an interview with reporters, said the Baltic Sea International Textile and garment exhibition has been successfully held the 25, is the largest textile and garment exhibition in the Baltic Sea area. To participate in the textile and garment exhibition in Lithuania, for the Chinese exhibitors, is a good opportunity to develop the Nordic and central European markets.
    Good trading environment
    Exhibition organizers said that Lithuania trade environment is good, to the Lithuanian exhibitors, is conducive to China's textile and garment enterprises in Lithuania as a foothold to better explore the northern and central Europe market.
    First, Lithuania in the east coast of the Baltic Sea, across the sea with Sweden, north of Latvia, Belarus to the East, southwest is Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast and Poland. From the capital Vilnius to any of the four major cities in the Nordic countries, up to a maximum of two hours. As a member of the Soviet Union, Lithuania and Russia and other CIS countries have a traditional economic ties. But Lithuania people from the living habits to the social and economic environment, are self identity is a Nordic country, not the "Soviet Union" state.
    Secondly, the regional economic cooperation of Lithuania is mainly in the three regions of the Baltic Sea, North Europe and the European Union. Lithuania joined the European Union in May 2004, the implementation of the EU's foreign trade policy, and in accordance with the relevant agreements reached by the EU with the third country to carry out economic and trade cooperation with other countries outside the eu. Lithuania production of products belonging to the EU country of origin, can be free to enter the EU market.
    Again, with the people of Lithuania to do business reliable, engaged in business activities in Lithuania high security index. Lithuania national political and economic stability, perfect laws and regulations, the high degree of education, a strong sense of responsibility, emphasis on integrity, good reputation. Lithuania social security is good, the crime rate is low, in China's foreign ministry announced the list of national security, Lithuania belongs to the blue class (more secure).
    In addition, Lithuania is one of the fastest growing GDP in the European Union, Chinese enterprises in Lithuania easy to open business. Lithuania in May 2004 to join the European Union, nearly 10 years of stable economic development, is one of the fastest growing GDP in the eu. 2014 Lithuania GDP for $GDP16430 per capita of $. May 8, 2015, the international rating agency Moodie Lithuania sovereign credit rating of A3, long-term outlook stable. Lithuania economic freedom ranked fifteenth in the world, the opening of the global ranking of eleventh.
    Radiation market is worth the depth of development
    The Baltic textile and apparel exhibition was founded in 1992 and has been held for the 25 time. The exposition from 2011 onwards the rapid expansion of the scale, in the end of 2015, the 24th session of the exhibition, a total of exhibitors from 22 countries in 392 enterprises, of which 34% for international exhibitors, mainly from Latvia, India, Italy, Pakistan, Portugal, Poland and other countries. To the audience 10500 passengers, of which 82% for the professional audience, from 25 countries. Many professional visitors from Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Russia and Poland. Professional audience of 17% is to look for the production and processing enterprises of the brand, 25% are wholesalers and retailers and department stores, 23% is to look for fabrics, technology and services of textile and garment production enterprise.
    According to the exhibition organizers, Lithuania is the European traditional textile and garment manufacturing country, after joining the European Union, its main textile and garment export market is the Nordic countries and Germany and the United kingdom. During the exhibition, there will be a large number of professional visitors from the country to come to the exhibition site looking for a single production enterprise. Chinese enterprises to participate in the Baltic textile and garment exhibition, the exhibition is a good opportunity to expand the Nordic and central European markets.
    Also Lithuania because of the higher labor costs, some textile and garment production enterprises received orders to ensure on time delivery, we are looking for manufacturers of cooperation, the Chinese manufacturing enterprises is also a kind of opportunity, you can direct cooperation with local enterprises in Lithuania.
    And at present, the Chinese enterprises engaged in business in Lithuania and Chinese people less, which means that the first entrants can get more business opportunities. Exhibition organizer Lithuania to study business in Lithuania was informed that the resident Chinese lack of thousands of people. Lithuania exhibition center responsible person also extremely optimistic about the Chinese development and opportunity "China Belt and Road Initiative" construction, the theme from the China processing class China textile and apparel (Europe) brand exhibition is very promising.
    Exhibition organizers also said that the Nordic countries because of the high level of economic development and income levels, is a large market. 2015 China's total exports of clothing to the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden and Finland) was $. Exports to the Nordic market clothing products are generally good quality, while the price is also higher. Textile and garment enterprises to Lithuania to participate in the international textile and garment exhibition, is conducive to the situation in the textile and garment exports not HERSHEY'S in northern Europe, China and Europe to develop new business opportunities.

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