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    Rely on green printing and dyeing and supply side reform and innovation to revitalize the printing and dyeing industry

    Upload time:2016-05-18Reading times:timesEditor:Tianyuan Machine
    "As the secretary Zhu said, Shishi development history is a real economy development history, no development of economic entities, there is no Shishi glorious past, Shishi textile printing and dyeing industry is from the lions to build the city began development, can say, Shishi textile printing and dyeing industry and Shishi City old age, is a traditional industry in Shishi, industrial strong city, printing and dyeing industry should actively, homeopathy." Shishi dyeing and finishing industry association secretary general Wu Guangyu said.
    Wu Guangyu said that this year's two sessions, innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing five development concept has become a discussion on behalf of the members of hot words, it is also the theme of "45" and even longer period of time the development of guidelines, in contrast, Shishi textile printing and dyeing industry, also should further create the green development concept, start with innovation and green two aspects.
    In the past, printing and dyeing industry widespread phenomenon of "three high", namely: high energy consumption, water consumption and have great impact on the environment, this is the phenomenon that exists in the printing and dyeing industry, printing and dyeing industries is weak. Shishi City in this regard has walked in the forefront of the country, the earlier notice to overcome the problem of "three high", in the centralized water treatment and steam to replace coal for the clean production in printing and dyeing industry made a demonstration. Wu Guangyu introduction, green printing and dyeing is mainly in the gaseous, liquid, solid state, three aspects of governance. Water purification and treatment, in addition to three dyeing and finishing of tail water centralized treatment mentioned standard transformation basically completed, Shishi textile printing and dyeing alliance is and the joint technical research, at present, the technology has made a breakthrough, water circulation sectional classification using. At the same time, through purification process, in front of the wastewater discharging into the sea can sub grade of harmless utilization, the treatment of first level wastewater chroma, electrolyte, the COD values low, you can scour the inner ditch River, the secondary treatment of water cleaner, no heavy metal can as municipal water works, such as to wash the road, isolation belt watering flowers and trees and so on. Although these processes have been basically overcome, but also need to test, to be mature can be promoted, which is the goal of green printing and dyeing." Wu Guangyu said.
    Not long ago, the city on the dyeing and finishing enterprises in the exhaust gas purification treatment supervision work carried out deployment. Wu Guangyu introduction, for printing and dyeing stereotypes machine exhaust gas treatment, national standards have not yet introduced, however, Shishi textile printing and dyeing alliance, has begun to this work, the stereotypes machine exhaust gas treatment as a technical reserve, actively looking for technology, for technology, equipment, at the same time, column 6, 18 projects, seeking deal with Sichuan University, Quanzhou Normal College of Environmental Sciences and technology departments docking, of hazardous waste for harmless. Wu Guangyu said: "at present, harmless disposal of sludge has Quanzhou Normal College of environmental sciences research, the sludge sintering brick, the use of high temperature to remove harmful substances, bricks used in the data analysis, this piece is done, you can achieve the printing and dyeing industry, ecological and harmonious development."
    Wu Guangyu said, to do a good job in the development of printing and dyeing industry at the same time, the reform of the supply side of innovation, is to enhance the competitiveness of printing and dyeing enterprises, improve the efficiency of an important way.
    Printing and dyeing industry, to promote research and development, both process development and product development, is to create more in line with market demand is the necessary means, only to keep abreast of market demand, and constantly develop new technology and new product, can satisfy the market demand, at the same time, avoid the homogenization of competition.
    Two to change the business model. At present, Shishi textile printing and dyeing enterprises 90% is processing, this mode of production is very passive, lack of market information, information product development lag, even if it is a multifunctional fabric, only behind closed doors to make cloth ". Last, we should through co-operate to promote. So the printing and dyeing enterprises to further close to the market, in particular, to seize the opportunities along the way, go out and to develop overseas market, establishing trade pilot, directly face the market, grasp market information more clearly and to establish a database, the establishment of printing and dyeing enterprises own brand. In the process of transformation, you can "processing + marketing" mode to develop the market, promote the upgrading of the industrial chain. In addition, also with large clothing manufacturing enterprises, innovation of new material, make for the model, to achieve downstream docking.
    Three to introduce digital management, promote technological innovation, equipment innovation. Encourage the introduction and use of digital and intelligent control system, more scientific and meticulous management, improve product rate and energy efficiency.
    In addition, Wu Guangyu also said that as the lions a important economic entity industry, printing and dyeing industry to overcome the short board, in the industrial strong city play its due role. Wu Guangyu believes that the development of printing and dyeing industry short board is the technology and talent, at present, although there are some enterprises and scientific research units and institutions, to develop new products and technology research, however, because it is separate, unable to form a overall effect, some is high input and low output. Wu Guangyu suggested by the government leading, in the industry establish industry alliance, to industry, academia, research, and with complete docking, especially through the Internet to establish according to the supply and demand sides of the information platform, so that both sides of supply and demand through the Internet platform of information docking, to achieve between the enterprise and the University of points of interest of docking, to achieve win-win enterprise and university. "Industry alliance is a very good model to overcome the deficiency of high research institutions, which is the most effective and low cost. Can most effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, to achieve strong industrial city." Wu Guangyu said.
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