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    A quarter of China's textile industry boom index was 73.6

    Upload time:2016-06-03Reading times:timesEditor:Tianyuan Machine
    In the first quarter of 2016, China's textile industry overall start relatively smooth, compared to the previous two digit growth, the growth rate dropped significantly, but the economic benefits of the industry to continue to maintain stability and improve. According to the association of member enterprises research, a quarter of the industry's boom index was 73.6, compared with the same period last year to improve, show that entrepreneurs to maintain a high confidence in the development of the industry.
    Revenue and profit growth
    According to the National Bureau of statistics data, in 2016 a quarter of industrial textile industry's main business income and profit total respectively 666.6 billion yuan and 38.9 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 5.98% and 9.4%, compared with the same period last year, the main business revenue growth was essentially flat, but the total amount of profits growth reduces the 4 percentage points. A quarter of the industry's profit margin of 5.83%, an increase of 0.18 percentage points, the loss of industry in the industry a substantial decline in the amount of 22%.
    Gross profit growth in the first quarter decline, mainly due to the rise in prices of raw materials. According to industry of China Textile Industry Association survey, a quarter of the industry of raw materials price index was 59.6, since the end of 2014 for the first time into the interval increases; at the same time, the industry of the finished goods price index of 50.5, out of two consecutive years of decline range, into the rising channel. 12 industrial textiles listed companies announced a quarterly report, its main business income of 12.85% growth, gross profit growth of 8.77%, especially for three listed companies of automobile market performance are rapid growth, performance was significantly better in other enterprises.
    In terms of industries, according to data from the National Bureau of statistics, a quarter of China's above scale enterprises of non-woven fabric of main business income and profit total respectively, an increase of 8.2% and 4.9%, export delivery value increase 9.58%, output growth of 7%. , ropes and cables of the main business revenue growth of 13.47%, industry grew most rapidly in the field; main business income of the textile and tire cord fabric, awnings, although the growth rate is not high, but an increase of the total profit reached 19.3% and 16.8%, profit margins up 1 and 0.56 percentage points respectively. A quarter, the yield of continuous cord torsion decreases nearly a year to achieve a 8.08% growth.
    Decline in exports
    According to customs data, in the first quarter of 2016, China's textile industry exports a total of US $, down 3.2%, the decline in export prices is the main factor in the decline in exports. The export volume of nonwoven fabrics, textile products and air bags increased by 6.8%, 12.7% and 22.6% respectively, but the price of these three kinds of products also declined in different degrees. The health of the textile exports fell by 10.3%, in particular, gauze, bandage and other products fell by 15.8%. The new statistics included in the scope of the safety of textile exports to the U.S. dollar, a decrease of 2.4%, but its prices rose 1.38%.
    From the main export market of China's industrial textiles, the United States is the largest, first quarter exports fell 0.42%, the first decline in a few years, causing the industry exports fell. China's textile exports to the EU continued to show a decline in the state, down 4.19%. But exports to Japan have turned the situation down, up 0.95%; exports to Vietnam and South Korea rose 4.63% and 4.80%, respectively, to Philippines's exports 17.54%. Synthetic leather base cloth and coated fabric is our country exported to Vietnam's largest commodity, accounting for 42% of total exports, nonwoven cloth, fishing nets, ropes and cables and other products of export volume is relatively large, indicating that although China's garment bags and other industries and gradually shift to Vietnam, but due to Vietnam supporting the industry chain is not perfect, need from China to import large quantities of raw materials.
    In the first quarter of 2016, China's textile imports of textiles were $1 billion, with the same period last year.
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