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    Focus on technical service development on warp transformation of the road

    Upload time:2016-06-30Reading times:timesEditor:Tianyuan Machine
    On the afternoon of June 24, 2016, Haining warp knitting technology of volunteer service team (hereinafter referred to as "warp knitting service team") of the third plenary session and warp knitting technology salon held in Zhejiang Province spinning warp knitting technology research institute five floor conference room, from the warp knitting service team of 19 players all columns to attend the meeting, conference also invited the Haining Maqiao Street Federation of trade unions, vice chairman of the full-time Shen Peihua to participate in.
    According to warp knitting service team annual plenary meeting of the system, the meeting of warp knitting service team work over the past year were comprehensive summary, comprehensive analysis on the problems appeared in the past, in order to urge all better players to play the role of volunteer service. In addition, in the meeting also specifically read access to secondary (technicians) personnel list, the current service team total of eleven players won the national vocational qualification certificate technician and the industry in the first through the appraisal get technician qualifications of practitioners in the national vocational qualification certificate. Finally, warp knitting service team is co opted members and exit the situation to all players to do the briefing, after after the declaration of registration procedures, warp knitting service team increased 3 members of the team, at the same time a team due to personal reasons exit warp knitting work teams.
    After the end of the plenary session, the warp and all the team members held a warp knitting technology salon, warp knitting raw material, knitting, warp knitting equipment and the new craft and technique of warp knitting theme, on the common problems in daily production of warp knitting enterprises were for research and analysis, let all the players will increase in the dialogue and exchanges.
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